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Great Things To Do In Las Terrenas and Samaná
Life is a beach... and then you Las Terrenas

Anywhere you look, one beach is more beautiful than the next one. Playa Cosón heads up the list with its turquoise, pristine waters and its three miles of white sand shore. You can actually walk along the sea from the end of Playa Cosón to Playa La Bonita (which literally means The Beautiful Beach,) then Playa Escondida; cross the hill and you are in Playa Las Ballenas, Playa Punta Popi and Playa Portillo. Over ten miles of a continuous incredible paradise ready for you to discover.  
Watch the whale!

Whale watching in the Bay of Samaná will be one of the highlights of your visit. Between the months of January to March, humpback whales come from distant oceans to the waters of Samaná to perform their courting songs and impress us with fascinating shows of flippering and jumping. These whales have chosen our area to mate and come back every year with their newborns and male companions to start anew their cycle of life. 
Excursions and day trips

Whether on a helicopter, a horse, on an ATV, by car or on a boat, there are wonderful excursions and day trips you can enjoy in the area. From El Salto de El Limón - El Limón Falls, fishing trips, snorkeling and scuba diving, or just a walking tour of Las Terrenas, your days can be filled with activity and emotions. Zip-lining and eco tours through this wonderful tropical forests are an incomparable adventure and a total must.
Fine dining and wining in Las Terrrenas

If you just want to sit back and and enjoy fine drinking and dining, Las Terrenas and Samaná offer you a wide range of international restaurants. From Mexican Fajitas to an Ukranian Borscht to a French Ratatouille, the cosmopolitan flavor of this town is reflected not only in its population but also in its cuisine.  A café au lait and a croissant for breakfast, a Cuban sandwich and a Mojito for lunch and a Paella for dinner is not an unthinkable menu in your culinary journey of Las Terrenas and Samaná. 
Sports events and sport tours

Nothing prevents you from continuing practicing your favorite sports and keeping in shape while vacationing in Las Terrenas or Samaná. You can even participate in a 10k road race, a cross country run, a mountain bike competition, sailing, going to a gym or swimming in our beaches. There are annual events such as Las Terrenas 10k and the Cross Country @ Playa Morón which are internationally accredited athletic events which promote our area as a main sport tourism destination in the Dominican Republic. 
Runners of Las Terrenas 10k
Fresh sea food in Las Terrenas
Getting to El Limón Falls
Whale watching in Samaná Bay
Playa Cosón in Las Terrenas
Nightlife in Las Terrenas

​Certainly, one of the most popular social activities for entertainment in Las Terrenas, dancing and "clubbing" is a favorite for both national and international tourists visiting the area. Our "Fisherma's Village" is a popular spot concentrating most of the discos and bars in Las Terrenas, but it is not the only area where to have fun. Nightlife is vibrant in this town offering a new world for the visitors to discover. 
Beach Tours, Snorkeling and Fishing Charters

Las Terrenas is the perfect place for visiting isolated beaches, snorkeling and fishing. The peninsula surrounded with water has rich fishing culture and plenty for all to go around. A great place to for the fishing aficionado. For the best fishing charters and tours visit 


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